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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Crochet Color pooling with Caron Simply Soft Party

So have you jumped on the Color Pooling Bandwagon? This craze has sent most crocheters and yarn enthusiast scrambling through their yarn stash pulling out any variegated yarn that they have ever bought to try and see if they can get this color pooling thing to work. I have seen people expressing their frustrations and I have seen people expressing their excitement when it works. I have had my moments of both but am absolutely excited about learning something new and adding yet another project to my ever growing list of "things to make"!
I decided I would put together some pics of my trials and errors to maybe help save some of you from suffering the frustration of trying and trying and not getting the results you wanted.
For this post I was working With Caron Simply Soft Party in Violet Varg that I had just happened to have just bought for another project but couldn't wait to try pooling and didn't want to take the time to go rambling through my hoarder like stash of yarn to try and find another variegated yarn.

In the next pic it shows my experiments with different size hooks and number of stitches. 
In the first sample of the left I used an "h" hook and chained 28. In the middle sample I used an "I" hook and chained 26. In the last one I used an "I" hook and chained 24. The 3rd one is the only one I really liked and the only one that really looks like any kind of cool design to me. In all of them I used the Linen stitch and started in the 4th chain from hook and chained 2 at the end of each row when turning. 

I can't wait to try this with other brands and colors. What have you tried? What worked and didn't work? I would love to see pics and hear your experiences!