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Monday, August 4, 2014

Ninja Turtle pattern

It has been awhile since my last post and I think I am well over due for a FREE PATTERN!! 
In 2013 by far hands down my most popular hat was the "Ninja Turtle". I couldn't make them fast enough! It seemed that everyone wanted one and in every size from newborn to adult. I used my favorite basic hat pattern that is my go to foundation for most all of my hats. If you don't have a favorite hat pattern you can find some really great ones on Etsy. The one I use is a simple double crochet beanie hat pattern. Now for the fun pat.... How do I make go from a basic beanie to a Ninja Turtle? Well it is actually quite simple...
First I make the first few rows of the hat in a kinda sage green (like a turtle) then I put a strip of about 4 rows in what ever color the customer wanted depending on which Turtle they wanted it to be. For example I would use red, blue, orange, or purple. After completing the 4 color rows (that make the "eye mask") I do 4 more rows of green. With the foundation of the hat completed I then move on to the eyes. 
for the eyes I use white yarn and make two as follows...

Row 1 :  chain 1
Row 2: 2 SC in the chain 1 in Row 1
Row 3: 2 SC in each SC
Row 4 -6 : 1 SC in each SC 
Row 7: skip first SC and SC in next 3 SC
Row 8: skip fist SC and Sc in next 2
Row 9: skip first SC and SC in last SC
now SC around outside of eye and finish off leaving a tail long enough to sew it on to hat. 

Now to make the black part of the eye or pupil

Chain 3
SC 6 in first chain 
Join to beginning chain & fasten off leaving a tail long enough to sew it to white part of eye.  (Make 2)

After sewing the parts of the eye together sew them on to the color strip of the hat and say hello to your new Ninja turtle hat.... 

Please share your pics and comments of how your ninja turtles come out or what ever you used these eyes on... If you have any questions or need any help with pattern please let me know. 

Update.....There have been so many request for a hat pattern that I created one that I have adapted from several of my favorites and it can be seen here....Best ever Crochet Beanie Hat pattern. It is my go to tried and true favorite that is true to size and works up quickly. I have literally made hundreds of hats with this pattern and hope that you will love it just as much as I do.