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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Chunky Crochet infinity Scarf Pattern

Hello fellow Diy'ers, crocheters, sewers, and all other "cool" people...

As usual, as the weather gets color and gift giving season is upon us, my mind is spinning with a million different things that I want to make next. I have so many half way finished projects that it is pitiful... Surely none of you have this same problem... Do you??? Come on.. please let me know I am not the only one..

But anyway.. I recently had someone ask me if I could make an infinity scarf. My immediate response was "sure"! Then I had to ask her a hundred questions like do you want a wide scarf, a chunky scarf,  etc. etc... Well in the end after talking about many different options. I come up with a design that I absolutely LOVE!! It works up really quickly and is super duper soft! You can't get any better than that!

I love it so much that I may actually have to take the time to make myself one. Yep that's right I may make something for myself! I always intend to make something for me but it always ends up getting sold of given to someone else that saw it and just HAD to have it.
So how about I share the pattern with you and you tell me what you think?? Please tell me your thoughts and feel free to post pics of you work. I love seeing and hearing about how other people enjoy my work and patterns.

I used a P 11 1/2 mm hook and Bernat blanket yarn.

I used one skein to the very end and that was it. It ended up being about 66" long (before being doubled) and 5' wide.  I think I paid about $5 for the skein at my local Wal-Mart. 

Chain 12

Row 1: Double crochet in the 3rd chain from hook. chain 1, skip next ch, and double crochet in the next. Continue the chain 1, skip one, dc until you get to the end. Essentially you are doing a double crochet in every other stitch and a chain one in between. 

Row 2: Chain 2, turn (initial chain 2 counts as 1 dc). DC in each chain 1 space, ch 1. repeat until the end. Make sure last DC is worked in the space between the DC and chain 2 from previous row. 

Round 3 -end: Repeat row 2 until you have reached the end of your skein or until you have reached your desired length.  

Fasten off and sew the two short ends together to create an infinity scarf. Whoala!! that is it you now have an awesome Super soft trendy infinity scarf. 

Please let me know if you have any questions about the pattern or have any trouble. 

Here are some pics of the finished product. 

shown wrapped once
wrapped twice