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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Dino Hoodie

First off I wanna say I LOVE PINTEREST!! I seriously think I may have an addiction to it... I may need meetings or an intervention! I mean seriously I go on there to look up a recipe and an hour later I have pinned a hundred different things and still haven't found the recipe that I went on there for! LOL! Seriously, Does anyone else have this problem??

Anyway... I am writing today to show you my latest most favorite Pinterest post that I have found lately. I find pins that I love all the time but it has to be one that I REALLY Love for me to make it right away. Well this one was one of those OMG gotta make it right now kinda things!!

The Dino Hoodie....

First I made it with just spikes. Then I decided to add the applique to give it a little something extra...

i think I definitely like it better with the applique. I can't wait to experiment with different color combos and appliques!

I found this tutorial here. It is a really cute blog with lots of cute ideas, tutorials, and recipes!

These are so cute and I knew right away I had to try it. My son has been obsessed with anything Dinosaur since he was just a baby and I knew he had to have one of these. I was right! He LOVES them just as much as I do and really loves the fact that his friends think it is "so cool" & say "your mom really made that?"

Please let me know what you think and feel free to share your pics if you make one. Don't sew?? well you can buy yours in my Etsy shop here.
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